SBBEC Awards Scholarship to Animo High School Marine Biology & Environmental Club

SBBEC recently awarded the Ánimo High School Marine Biology & Environmental Club a $100 scholarship for their research and public outreach on microplastic pollution in the oceans. This group of passionate students has collected pollution data at beaches throughout Southern California and presented their findings at Earth Day events, science fairs, local aquaria, and other schools throughout the region to spread the word about plastic reduction and the harmful impacts of pollution on both humans and the oceans. They collaborate with other student groups around the world, including ones in Japan, Chile, Honduras, and Australia, creating a global coalition of young citizen scientists and environmental advocates. They have even been featured in the news on La Opinion and Estrella TV! For their efforts, the students have been invited to present at conferences in Cuba and Japan during 2019 and are raising money to support their travels. SBBEC is proud to provide scholarship money to the team and encourages others to donate to their great cause!

Lisa Ryder