Here's why you should participate...

For Local Government

The SBBEC provides a forum for our public sector members to lead environmental sustainability and stewardship initiatives in the communities they serve. By sharing ideas and learning from other professionals in similar roles, best practices and practical solutions can be implemented at the community level.


For the Business Community

The SBBEC provides a forum for our private sector members to share best practices and learn from other business professionals on ways to operate sustainable businesses, while still remaining competitive in the marketplace. With members from a variety of industry groups, the most effective programs can be applied to a variety of business models.


Join a Successful Team

All of our members volunteer their time and talents to make the SBBEC one of the most respected groups of its kind in the State.


Join Us by Becoming a Member

It's easy to become a member. Applications are available for download here. Annual dues range from $25 for individuals to $500 for businesses with over 1,000 employees

 We look forward to you becoming the next contributing member to the SBBEC.